Smart survey

Use this version of Spoking Polls to make your studies smart.

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Create confidential questions

Enrich the conversation with respondents by incorporating confidential questions.
Spoking Polls allows you to:

  • Target the respondents to whom you wish to ask your confidential question;
  • Configure the display conditions;
  • Format your confidential question;
  • Collect the answers to the question in a dedicated dashboard.

Your studies more integrated and fluid than ever

Chat on social media with our chatbots

Spoking Polls allows you to deploy natural and native conversations, via Chatbot, on all messaging applications and social networks.

Integrate our AI chatbot into your after-sales service and support service

Our Chatbot IA can be deployed on your support and after-sales services, as soon as you wish, in order to directly question your customers and users.

Enrich your customer bases by interviewing your customers

Spoking Polls can connect directly to your CRM software, via API: information from studies thus enriches your CRM databases.

Integrate people into your digital studies

With Spoking Polls, you can switch your digital studies to a telephone conversation with a researcher or consultant at any time.

Studies CRM

This solution is particularly suitable for SMEs / SMIs who do not wish to invest massively in a CRM but who wish to integrate a client-by-client approach.
Spoking Polls allows you to:

  • Create your study;
  • Add to the delivery URL a specific ID for each customer to identify their responses;
  • Export the complete results database, including the client ID;
  • Link these results to your customer base, via the ID.

Increasingly intelligent conversations

In the near future, Spoking Polls will integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning features that will make studies more intelligent.
Our teams work in particular on the sequence of questions and their organization based on the answers to the previous questions.

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