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Your studies as conversations

Easily create your online forms and launch your studies on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, by email or as conversations.

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Create confidential questions

Enrich the conversation with respondents by integrating confidential questions or switch to the right channel at the right time of the study.

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Technologies adapted to each level of conversation

Enrich the conversation with respondents by integrating confidential questions or switch to the right channel at the right time of the study.


We create chatbots which will allow you to better question your customers on social networks or to activate a function integrated into the online questionnaire in order to reinforce the conversation with the respondent.

Chatbot IA

We are developing questionnaires which, depending on the learning rules, make it possible to adapt the questions to the profile of the respondents according to the responses.

API with your CRM

In order to ask questions with a minimum of on-board information on the respondents, we integrate our forms with all CRMs on the market, via our APIs.

Virtual assistant

On certain questionnaires, we offer telephone assistance that can intervene on a question or switch entirely to telephone support, in order to encourage discussion with a researcher or consultant.

A steering dashboard

Easily manage your studies with a dashboard, measure the responses, keep the history.

We can support you in setting up and managing your studies. Contact our assistant!

Maxime Deport
Client manager

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With Automatic Chart, create shareable visuals and communicate

Automatic Chart allows you to create standard images associated with your studies.

A CRM solution for your studies

Transform your studies, your customer feedback into a CRM solution with our ID-client solution

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Who is our solution for?

To Marketing Directors

Who wish to carry out studies, satisfaction surveys and who wish to use our services to anticipate the requests and projects of their customers after this Covid-19 crisis.

To VSE / SME Managers

Who wish to interview their customers 3 or 4 times a year, measure their satisfaction and understand their expectations, particularly in terms of digital transformation.

To Study Managers

Who wish to have a simple study solution in addition to their business software, to carry out rapid studies on small samples and engage in real conversations.

At the CIO, CTO

Hosted on AWS, Spoking Polls offers all the guarantees of a solution that can be integrated into your past investments in the field of CRM and marketing automation, via our APIs.

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