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Easily create a questionnaire

Spoking Polls allows you to easily create a questionnaire from your mobile or desktop. Spoking Polls was designed so that you use it as simply as the text editors of your daily newspaper (Word, Powerpoint …). Spoking Polls is based on a pagination logic that allows you to structure your survey.


You asked the question “Did you participate in a sports competition this year?”.
The next question, you only want to ask people who answered “Yes”.
To do this, simply position the following question on a dedicated page: the condition is created.
With Spoking Polls, you can establish your condition between the first question and the next, without having any developing knowledge: you just need to select the items of your question and then link them to the dependent questions.

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Easily manage your studies

The dashboard allows you to manage your studies centrally on a dedicated page.
For each study, you follow the number of respondents in real time, by distribution channel.
You analyze your results thanks to graphical reports generated automatically and exportable in PDF or CSV format.

Broadcast your studies in multi-channel

This solution allows you to share your surveys on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter in editorialized formats (text + photo), which will allow you to easily generate respondents on these channels.
This solution also allows you to create a link specific to each channel, for targeted monitoring.

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